Who We Are

Our approach is to address the whole child, and to do so over years and years. That means we offer a high-quality education, and we also do whatever it takes to address any issue – even those outside the classroom – that can hinder a child’s success. We have hundreds of experienced faculty‎ dedicated to fostering our students’ intelligence, health, character and civic-mindedness. 
Our two K-12 schools have a longer school day and year than traditional public schools, so students have the time they need to master their core subjects and to fully experience the sciences, the arts and physical fitness.

Academics and More

Students get a freshly made healthy breakfast and lunch every day, as well as daily exercise and weekly nutrition education classes so they can develop life-long healthy habits. They also have access to medical services, including dental.
At the end of each school day, there is a wide-ranging afterschool program that offers tutoring and homework help, as well as exposure to enriching disciplines including photography, chess, robotics and music. There are also “after after-school” activities that include team sports.

The Goal is College

The HCZ Promise Academy Charter Schools offer students an unprecedented array of services; all brought to bear toward a single goal: to guarantee that students are equipped to graduate from college.
We have more than ten years of experience running schools and more than forty years of experience in Harlem, running after-school and community-building programs. HCZ Promise Academy schools are free to attend and have approximately 2,000 children enrolled. Admission is by lottery or through a waiting list. Click here to apply.