Uniform Policy

Promise Academy MS Uniform Policy

Purpose:  The purpose of the Promise Academy I MS School Uniform Policy is to provide opportunities for increased school safety, to encourage our students to experience a greater sense of school identify and belonging, to encourage an improvement in student behavior, to reduce school clothing costs, to encourage high level of program participation and to improve and expand academic excellence.

Uniform Policy

All students are expected to wear the full uniform for the entire school year unless advised otherwise by the Principal.  The school uniform includes the following


6th, 7th, & 8th Grade-

All Students:  Blue button down shirt

All Black shoes/sneakers (shoes should have soft bottoms) no stripes/Colors on footwear

Ladies: Burgundy Plaid Skirt, gray pants may be worn during the

Winter months. Tie (burgundy plaid) Blue Shirt and Burgundy Sweater, White or Burgundy Socks.

Gentlemen: Grey Pants

Blue button down shirt, Burgundy Sweater/Sweater Vest

Tie (burgundy plaid) Black Socks                                   


Summer:       The dress code for the SUMMER includes the following:

All Students:  White Polo Shirt

All White sneakers may be worn during the summer session.

No stripes/Colors on footwear

Ladies:  Grey Skorts, White Polo Shirt

Gentlemen:  Grey Bermuda Shorts, White Polo Shirt, all white sneakers

 If you would like to purchase additional uniforms you may do so, at Flynn & O’Hara, 136 Westchester Square, Bronx, NY, 10461 or you can order on line at www.flynnohara.com

Gym Uniform: Scholars wear specific gym uniforms with the HCZ logo to gym class. Please see below for the order form which you may print, complete, and return to Ms. Morgan or Ms. Rademaker.

Disciplinary Actions

All students who attend school without the Promise Academy uniform may be subjected to the following actions taken by the Dean.

1.     The Dean will remove the student from class to inquire about missing uniform

2.     The Dean will provide students with any necessary parts of the missing uniform (e.g. shirt, tie, pants, skirt, etc.) and immediately send student back to class if available

3.     The student will be expected to return all uniform parts by the end of the school day

4.     The Dean will call parent/guardian to inquire about missing uniform and remind parent/guardian of the Promise Academy uniform policy

5.     Student will serve detention for being out of uniform; Repeat offenders will serve Saturday detention; Failure to come to Saturday or afterschool detention will result in an in-school suspension

6.     Deduction of afterschool Stipend

7.     If student is not in uniform at all times, the student will not be allowed on school trips/events

Please note:  Students who break the uniform policy consistently (more than 3 times within the school year) will be subjected to a mandatory parent meeting with the Dean and the Principal.

Financial Hardship

All parents/guardians who experience financial hardship that will directly affect adhering to their child’s uniform policy are strongly advised to contact the Principal.